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(This is also the Online Appointment Scheduler. Just click on a service and you will be taken to our "real" time appointment calendar at TimeTrade to finish scheduling your appointment.)

Besides providing general information about the programs and services provided, you may select the service for which you would like to make an appointment by clicking on the appropriate link below. This will take you to our "real-time" online appointment book and allow you to complete the scheduling process.  Should you encounter any problems accessing the online appointment calendar, please call our office for further assistance at (803) 818-3575 or (864) 242-5810.  Please see our Missed Appointment and Cancellation Policy below for further information.

Hypnotherapy (General Sessions)

   Hypnotherapy (Initial Visit) - $195.00

Advanced clinical hypnosis is used to get the subconscious mind to the same place as the conscious mind to reinforce your desire for a healthy lifestyle and removal of undesirable habits. Follow-up sessions will be suggested as needed.

   Hypnotherapy (Follow-up Visit) - $175.00

This is a follow-up session to the initial visit. During this session we will continue to explore your specific needs as appropriate.

   Health & Wellness Coaching (Initial Visits) - $150.00

These sessions focus on helping clients determine their overall needs for improved health and wellness (goal setting) and designing a workable plan to achieve those goals

    Health & Wellness Coaching (Follow-up Visits) - $75.00

These are follow-up sessions which focus on helping clients evaluate their progress toward their goals and introducing tools which will help further their success toward those goals. These session are usually performed via phone calls, however a client may request a face-to-face visit if desired.

Please Note: The above options are not available for stop smoking or weight management programs; please see Stop Smoking and Weight Management Programs below to schedule for one of those programs.

Smoking Cessation

   Stop Smoking Program (Initial Visit) - $395.00

Our smoking cessation program consists of one three-hour session. During that time you will begin to experience the benefits of becoming a non-smoker. Please remember to have smoked your last cigarette no sooner than three (3) hours before your visit.  Make a note of the date & time that you became a non-smoker.

   Stop Smoking Program (Follow-up Visit) - No Charge

Follow-up consultation - As per our 100% written guarantee, if at any time in the future you should return to poisoning yourself with tobacco, you can come back for 30 minute follow-up sessions as needed without charge.

Weight Management (WEIGHT4Wellness)

   Weight Management Program (Initial 5 Session Package) -

    Package: $645.00, $975.00, or $1,260.00

Our weight management program consists of five (5) sessions individually tailored to your specific needs.  The main areas of focus include goal setting, emotional aspects of weight management, nutrition/healthy eating, and physical activity/exercise. These session are part of a package, additional maintenance visits are optional. 

   Weight Management Program (Maintenance Visit) - $175.00

Maintenance session for our weight management program. These are specially designed to provide accountability and support for those desiring to remove weight over a longer period. Costs associated with this follow-up visit are waved if purchased as part of a package.

Sport Performance

   Sport Performance Program (Initial Visit)- $195.00

   Packages: $495.00, $785.00, $1,445.00

Our initial pain management program session consists of one 3-hour session. During this session we explore the underlying causes for your particular concern and identify realistic solutions for long-term benefits.This can be part of a package program.

   Sport Performance Program (Follow-up Visit)- $175.00

Follow-up session for our pain management program. Costs associated with this follow-up visit are waved if purchased as part of a package.

Stress Management OR Pain Management

   Stress Management Program (Initial Visit)- $195.00

   Packages: $495.00, $785.00, $1,445.00

Our initial stress management program session consists of one 3-hour session. During this session we explore the underlying causes for your particular concern and identify realistic solutions for long-term benefits. This can be part of a package program.

   Stress Management Program (Follow-up Visit)- $175.00

Follow-up session for our stress management program. Costs associated with this follow-up visit are waved if purchased as part of a package.

Low Level Laser

   Low Level (Cold) Laser Therapy - $45.00

Our initial low level laser consultation consists of 1-hour session. During this session we review your history, assess your current health status, formulate our clinical impression, and report our findings. The low level laser promotes increased circulation and release of endorphins; which helps to remove toxins and channel energy to stagnated parts of the body. As such, its use is also an integral part of many of our other programs.

Aromatherapy & Oxygen Bar

   Oxygen Relaxation Bar with Aromatherapy - $20.00 (Initial Visit)

   Subsequent visits: $15 each

Our Oxygen relaxation bar with aromatherapy is a great way to achieve maximum relaxation and rejuvenation in a short period of time. Currently the aromas choices include vanilla, eucalyptus, orange, and chamomile. Each session lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. Prepaid frequent O2 Bar Cards may be purchased for $140 ($30 savings) and includes 10 visits to the O2 Relaxation Bar.

    *Please note that there may be additional cost associated with additional treatments or the purchase of any recommended nutritional supplements.

     Please call to see if we currently have any other package programs or specials.


To order hypnosis CDs and nutritional products, please call (864) 242-5810.
      (Free shipping included within the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.)

Nutritional Supplements and Homeopathic Remedies available for purchase as desired.

Call (803) 818-3575 OR (864) 242-5810 today
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Missed Appointment and Cancellation Policy

At A Better Way Hypnotherapy LLC, we strive to accommodate our client's appointment times. When you schedule an appointment, that time is specifically set aside for you to spend quality time with Dr. Kramer.

In the event that you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please be respectful of Dr. Kramer's time and notify this office 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment so that we may open that slot for another client. If you fail to provide this notice, Dr. Kramer reserves the right to charge a "no-show" fee of up to $50.00. If you have prepaid your appointment (made a deposit), this prepaid amount will applied toward the $50.00 missed appointment deposit fee.

We are happy to reschedule your hypnotherapy appointment with a 24-hours notification and no cancellation fee will be applied. Rescheduling is based on open appointment availability. Please simply call or email your request and we will return your call/email as soon as possible.

NOTE: We do recognize that certain circumstances are out of our control (family emergencies, sudden illnesses, etc.). We will review and access these circumstances individually when presented.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this policy.