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This section will provide interesting articles or useful tools and information to help my clients/patient and others interested in improving their overall health and wellness. I will add information as it becomes available to me. If you have ideas or articles that you would like to share, please feel free to email them to me and they could end up being posted here for others to read.

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Yes! Hypnosis can help you achieve your goals.
This is a brief overview of Hypnotherapy and how this modality is useful in helping those who desire to stop smoking, reduce weight, manage pain, reduce stress, improve sport performance and enhance self-confidence.
Yes! Hypnosis can help you Stop Smoking.This is a brief overview of our one 3-hour Stop Smoking program. This program is focused on successfully achieving a life free of tobacco. With a success rate of about 95% we are absolutelly the best choice for the committed individual. This is not a passive program, however. The client must do their part in maintaining the momentum for what is achieved in the hypnosis session.
‚ÄčYes! Hypnosis can help you Remove Weight.This is a brief overview of out weight management program, called WEIGHT4Wellness. ‚ÄčThis is a five session program that addresses the key components of weight management in a way that promotes not just weight removal, but healthy lifestyle habits