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What is Hypnotherapy?

Dr. Kramer has adopted the following as his working definition of hypnosis:

Hypnosis is a natural state of altered (heightened) awareness and selective hypersuggestibility whereby the individual (client) chooses to ignore the realities of the world around to focus their attention on the imagined world and accept suggestions that appear so realistic, the body reacts physiologically as if they are real.

Although the word "hypno" comes from the Greek word "sleep", the hypnotized individual is not unconscious, asleep, or any other such thing. In fact, while an individual is hypnotized, he or she is more alert than ever. It is in this state of relaxed consciousness that one is open to the positive suggestions of improved health provided by the hypnotherapist.

Just as medicine combines both art and science, so does hypnotherapy.

Although hypnosis has existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years... the modern medical use of hypnotherapy... as sanctioned by the American Medical Association... achieved its formal recognition in 1958. The number of doctors who use this form of treatment is small, but continuing to grow steadily.

Hypnotherapy is completely safe and helpful. Hypnotherapy is very useful in areas where there are few other effective medical treatments... other than drugs... such as stress reduction, sexual problems, phobias, insomnia, smoking cessation, weight management and lack of motivation. Hypnotherapy is useful in areas of law, sometimes being the only way vital pieces of evidence are discovered.

It is also often used in the control of pain, cancer treatments, stress disorders and in cases where other medical practices would be inadvisable, such as the anesthetic of choice with patients with severe heart disease.

If you, or your doctor, ever thought that your problem is "all in your head", then hypnotherapy may be your ideal solution. If your mind created your problem, then your mind can also be used to make you well.

The only people who cannot be hypnotized to a depth that will be helpful are the feeble-minded, the insane and the senile. Also, very young children who have not yet developed sufficient mind power cannot be hypnotized... since it does take mind power to use hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy usually saves a client time. As you know, time is money. People who can be helped by hypnotherapy will see changes rapidly. Of course, the client should be strongly motivated and have a strong desire to change.

After a session of hypnotherapy, most clients express feelings of profound relaxation and peace. Hypnosis is a feeling that one must experience to fully appreciate.

Since hypnosis is a natural state of mind, you do not have to work hard for hypnotherapy to be effective. In fact, just the opposite is true.

The first rule anyone should learn about hypnosis is this: The harder you TRY, the more you fail. So don't TRY to be hypnotized... simply remain passive and LET IT HAPPEN. Of course, the hypnotized individual is expected to concentrate on the suggestions that are presented by the hypnotherapist and not criticize them or analyze "How am I doing?"

Simply WANT it to happen. EXPECT it to happen. LET it happen... and it WILL happen!

Hypnotherapy is a natural mental process. Dr. Kramer combines this mental process with the power of suggestion polished to a glistening smoothness. Suggestions are the heart of any hypnosis session. They come at a time when you are most responsive. They arouse your deep subconscious mind to achieve the desired results.

Whether it is hitting a golf ball with more concentration than you ever imagined... or overcoming the fear of rejection in a sales situation... or actually enjoying your next visit to the dentist... hypnotherapy can help you achieve results faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Hypnotherapy is a pleasant and enjoyable way to unlock the potential of your subconscious mind.

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